Established in 2001, Innovation Engine has been positioning itself as a leading venture capital firm in the promising field of businesses generated by technologies in which Japan has an advantageous position. Having 20,000 million yen funds in total, Innovation Engine will continue to support venture businesses and contribute to their IPO or M&A processes.

What’s New

  • May. 2017
    Investment Advisory Contract with KAGA ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. (Listed in TSE 1st Section)
  • Dec. 2016
    Launched Innovation Engine Industry Creation Fund
  • Sep. 2016
    Launched Innovation Engine Regenerative medical care Fund
  • Jun. 2016
    Created Innovation Engine Remote Medicalcare Investment Limited Partnership
  • Jul. 2015
    Created Innovation Engine Food Innovation Investment Limited Partnership
  • Apr. 2015
    Created Innovation Engine Electronic Technology Investment Limited Partnership
  • Jun. 2014
    Created Innovation Engine Drug Discovery Support Investment Limited Partnership
  • Dec. 2013
    Created IE&Shijo fund Investment Limited Partnership
  • Jan. 2008
    Created Innovation Engine No.3 (IE3) Investment Limited Partnership
  • Others
    Planning to establish a fund which will target public corporations