Environment / Energy

Philtech Inc. 【Tokyo】  

Providing various types of wafers with ultra narrow pattern(TEG-Test Elemental Group) below 100 nm by X-Ray photolithography technologies for semiconductor process development.

eREX CO.,Ltd. 【Tokyo】 (TSE 1st section)

Providing electric power services and operating one of the largest biomass power stations in Japan.

International Management & Inspection Consultant Co.Ltd. (IMIC) 【Tokyo】

Providing one stop solution in the area of real estate development and housing construction, such as building demolition surveying, ground and soil research and improvement.

Photonic Devices

Photonic Lattice Inc. 【Miyagi】

Development, production and sales of photonic crystal elements, optical components and modules using photonic crystals, and technology licensing of photonic crystal technologies.

Optical Comb, Inc. 【Tokyo】

The selling and development of optical comb sources and their related applications and products.

SuperPix Micro Technology Co.,Ltd. 【Beijing】(China NEEQ)

The first CMOS sensor manufacturer in China providing low cost CMOS solution.

Advanced materials

Ohcera Co.,Ltd. 【Osaka】

Development & production of the new thermal shock-resistant ceramics.

Nano Measurement / Processing

SCIVAX USA, INC. 【Kanagawa】

Supplier of Nano Imprint Lithography(NIL). They Provide equipments and prototyping services of NIL. Manufacturing nano culture plate for 3D cell culture system.

ViSCO Technologies Corporation 【Tokyo】

Development and production of visual inspection system for electronic components, semiconductor etc.
Their strengths are special inspection algorithm and image processing technology.

INSPEC Inc. 【Akita】 (TSE Mothers)

Development, manufacturing and sales of visual inspection machine for the inspection of semiconductor packages, such as lead frames, LCD-DOF, BGA, CSP and FC.

Research Institute of Biomolecule Metrology Co.,Ltd. (RIBM) 【Ibaraki】

Visualization & measurement systems using AFM and Molecular Force Microscope for bio molecules including DNA.


Provider of Virtual Slide System(VSS)which digitizes the image data of pathological diagnosis. First company which developed VSS in Japan and planning to perform a global expansion by utilizing potable VSS.

TSUKUBA SEIKO Co.,Ltd. 【Tochigi】

Tsukuba Seiko designs and develops tools based on original ESC technology for the cutting-edge technology field of FPD and semiconductor manufacturing.

Consumer Goods

Goyo Foods Industry co.,ltd 【Fukuoka】(Tokyo Pro Market)

In the frozen cake industry, it is one of the most highly value added manufacturers. Goyo will become profitable and high growth company because of the increase of orders from big restaurant chains and high growth of frozen cake industry.

Information device

BONX Inc. 【Tokyo】

The ultra-versatile group talk (worldwide, anywhere) technology. BONX is a new kind of communication tool that combines the proprietary earphone and app to let you talk freely at any distance, in any environment.

BRAIN MAGIC Inc. 【Toyko】

Developed innovative input device "O2" for creators. It is a device for the left hand which can perform up to 256 types of shortcut key inputs and button inputs with only 3 actions of "killing, turning, pushing", and it is expected that it will greatly contribute to improvement of productivity of creators of the world · reduction of physical load .

Ubiquitous IT

Capital Asset Planning, Inc. 【Osaka】 (JASDAQ)

Offering comprehensive retail sales solution tools for financial institution, consulting, developing, and integrating financial systems. The main clients are Japanese major banks, securities companies, and insurance companies.

PicoCELA Inc. 【Tokyo】

Enable continuous & reliable coverage through multi-hop wireless networks. PicoCELA’s Dynamic Tree Topology also supports applications in the Internet of Things by connecting IoT Gateways to create seamless mission critical coverage.

Hacarus Inc. 【Kyoto】

Hacarus specializes in AI (Artificial Intelligence). We use Sparse Modeling as the main method for extracting meaning from small data sets. Lightweight and explainable AI.Enabled for the cloud and edge devices. New medical and industrial solutions, through Small Data AI.

Rozetta Co.,Ltd. 【Tokyo】

Development, sales and licensing of automatic translation software, utilizing high-end algorithms and targeted for professional purposes.

Netch. Co.Ltd. 【Tokyo】

Operating remote crane game through internet. It has about 150 UFO catchers in a warehouse. Prizes taken by players are sent to them by courier services.

AI CROSS Inc. 【Tokyo】

It is a mobile platform company that provides short messages and business chat services.Improve corporate communication skills and reform workers.

KIYO Learning Co.,Ltd. 【Tokyo】

Top company of online qualification education in Japan. Having over 20 courses and more than 30,000 paid members. The business is known as “EdTech”. Launch of a training business for companies in this year.

tripla K.K. 【Tokyo】

Offering inquiries correspondence service from Japanese and foreigners by AI chatbot specialized at hotel and manned operator.


Development and sales of user interface and user experience analysis tool “USERDIVE” .Also providing the entire PDCA cycle (plan–do–check–adjust) consulting support for control and continuous improvement of user interface and user experience.

Work - way reform

CROCO Corporation 【ToKyo】

One of the biggest contents-marketing company with cloud-working system of 500,000 members. Having strength in high quality product, analysis, and development of marketing tools about Web contents.

mama square 【Tokyo】

Next to the working space where mothers work, we develop and operate nationwide working space with childcare function with kids space where children can spend safely.


Tranzax Co., Ltd. 【Tokyo】

Doing electronic record credit business. Only five companies in the same business are engaged in business with the approval of the government, it is oligopolistic. Among them, Tranzax has a groundbreaking finance scheme as a patent, and growth is expected in the future.


Inventit Inc. 【Osaka】

Offering industry-leading mobile computing and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications products and solutions that connect people, devices, and applications over Internet.

Encourage Technologies Co., Ltd. 【Tokyo】 (TSE Mothers)

Development and sales of the software products for risk management and information security of IT system operations. The flagship product "ESS REC" has more than 70% of in the session recording trail market in Japan.

ZenmuTech, Inc 【Tokyo】

Provide solutions that make information nonsense by secret sharing technology and reduce information leakage risk.

Car Robotics

ZMP Inc. 【Tokyo】

Development, manufacturing and sales of the Robot-Kit for educational materials and home entertainments.ZMP also develops automatic driving services with Intel, DeNA, Komatsu and Sony.

tmsuk co.,ltd. 【Fukuoka】

tmsuk develops various Robots according to your company’s needs. Enryu, RODEM, Dentaroid, Roboria... Large size, small size, vehicle, humanoid, animal type, various shapes and forms.Remote operation, artificial intelligence, self-driving, extremely dangerous work, virtually any system.We have accumulated these various robot technologies in the last 20 years.

Medical / Health

GNI Group Ltd. 【Tokyo】 (TSE Mothers)

Global pharmaceutical development company that uses novel gene regulatory network based methodologies to efficiently screen, select, validate and exploit novel drug targets.

Delta-Fly Pharma, Inc. 【Tokushima】

Biopharmaceutical company owns three major pipelines in the oncology field such as DFP-10917 (G2/M Arrest), DFP-11207 (TS inhibitor) and also DFP-10825(RNA Delivery) for bio-pharmaceutical development from the view point of personal medicine.

MEDRx Co.,Ltd 【Kagawa】 (TSE Mothers)

Contributing to the improvement of global health and QOL by developing groundbreaking new medication, fully utilizing our technological resources on drug formulation commencing with the transdermal absorption technology.

RIBOMIC Inc. 【Tokyo】 (TSE Mothers)

Biopharmaceutical venture company based in Tokyo. The company is developing molecular targeted pharmaceutical drugs using RNA aptamers with its unique and advanced platform technologies.

Oncolys BioPharma Inc. 【Tokyo】(TSE Mothers)

Biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel biologics for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease. Oncolys succeeded to conclude an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb.

BrightPath Biotherapeutics Co., Ltd. 【Fukoka】

Clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of new cancer immunotherapy. Its lead product candidate ITK-1 is being evaluated in Phase III clinical trial for prostate cancer. ITK-1‘s license has been granted to Fujifilm.

INDEE Medical Inc. 【Tokyo】

As an authorized distributor of ReCell® for skin regeneration, an exclusive alliance with Avita Medical, and proceeding with domestic clinical development and approval application.


Develop, manufacture and sell cotton-like artificial bone. In the United States, it has been approved and sold, and sales are growing. In Japan, in collaboration with KISCO aiming for approval as a medical device, clinical trials are underway.

Perseus Proteomics Inc.【Tokyo】

A biopharmaceutical venture company established based on the technology of University of Tokyo and developing therapeutic antibodies through cutting edge technologies. Already out-licensed several antibodies to pharmaceutical companies (now in clinical trial) and continue developing new pipelines.